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Eliza Fay, a traveller and businesswoman of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, wrote lively, observant, opinionated travel diaries and letters which did well when she printed them.
1756 EF was born as a Miss C. She had two sisters. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 November 1779-April 1780 EF transcribed the travel journal into which her letters had grown. Bibliographic Citation link.
1782 EF, in need of money, was urged to publish her travel letters, but declined because of the "'pains and penalties' . . . generally, inflicted on female authorships." Bibliographic Citation link. Newly separated from her husband, she decided to turn to business instead.
February-March 1815 EF, at Blackheath near London, wrote up her later travel experiences for publication. Bibliographic Citation link.
9 September 1816 EF died in Calcutta, where she had arrived again in May, leaving no money and no will. Bibliographic Citation link.
1817 EF's Original Letters from India, left unfinished at her death, were posthumously published at Calcutta. Bibliographic Citation link.
1925 EF's Original Letters from India was re-published by the Hogarth Press, with "introductory and terminal notes by E. M. Forster." Bibliographic Citation link.
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