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Millicent Garrett Fawcett was a very effective political writer. Early in her career, she was well regarded for her works on political economy, which included three successful books and numerous articles and reviews for periodicals including Macmillan's Magazine, the Fortnightly, and the Athenæum. Her writings and speeches on higher education for women were very influential. She wrote two novels; the first was a success, but second has been lost. Later, she became primarily known for her activism and considerable body of works (books, essays, lectures, and speeches) dealing with issues in the women's movement, particularly with women's suffrage.
11 June 1847 Millicent Garrett (later MGF) was born at her parents' home, Uplands, at Aldeburgh in Suffolk. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
April 1868 MGF published her first magazine article, "The Education of women of the middle and upper classes", in Macmillan's Magazine, discussing lectures for women in Cambridge (the germ of Newnham College). Bibliographic Citation link.
5 August 1929 MGF died at eighty-two of double pneumonia after an illness of only two weeks. Bibliographic Citation link.
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