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Florence Farr has received less attention for her own writing than for the role she played in men's: Shaw and Yeats created dramatic roles for her; Pound wrote poetry about her; and she put into practice Yeats's theories about reading poetry aloud. Her own writings in print include two novels, several theosophical and occult writings, a masque and two plays, some journalism, and a feminist treatise. These few published works provide insight into the turn-of-the-century theosophy, feminism, and the New Woman.
7 July 1860 FF was born near London, at Bickley in Kent.  Bibliographic Citation link.
By early May 1910 FF published a feminist treatise, Modern Woman: Her Intentions, summoning woman "to awake from her long sleep and come into her kingdom," and proclaiming that "[t]his is to be the Woman's Century." Bibliographic Citation link.
By July 1912 Late in her career FF published a second novel, The Solemnization of Jacklin: Some Adventures on the Search for Reality, whose heroine gives birth to a mystical child derived from the writing of Yeats. Bibliographic Citation link.
29 April 1917 FF died in Ceylon of breast cancer which had spread to her lungs. Bibliographic Citation link.
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