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Eleanor Farjeon had a particularly long and successful career as an author for children, writing mostly in verse with some prose tales. She also wrote striking memoirs of her childhood and of an unhappy love-affair ended by the First World War, plays (in collaboration with her brother), novels, and adult poetry. She wrote to earn a living, and did not hesitate to recycle slightly revised material in different forms. During the 1920s, she averaged two books a year. Bibliographic Citation link. Outside her light-hearted or her fantastical vein she is sometimes sentimental, but her remarkable portraits of battered, gallant old women are a positive feature in several different genres.
13 February 1881 EF was born in Buckingham Street, London, the third of five children, and the only daughter. Bibliographic Citation link.
1935 EF published a nostalgic family memoir, A Nursery in the Nineties, which is probably her best-known book. Bibliographic Citation link.
December 1941 EF published Magic Casements, a book of essays in which she argued the benefits for young people of undirected, pleasurable, imaginative reading. Bibliographic Citation link.
5 June 1965 EF died at her own home in Hampstead, of bronchitis, which had turned into pneumonia. Bibliographic Citation link.
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