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Since the late twentieth century, Bernardine Evaristo has written novels both in prose and, unusually, in verse. Her topics range from the romantic history of her own family, to Roman London thousands of years in the past, to fantasy, to close observation of West Indian culture both in the Caribbean and in London. Her writing has been translated into such languages as Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, and Mandarin. She has done important work editing poetry collections and facilitating publication by younger poets, especially those of colour. Bibliographic Citation link.
Spring or early summer 1959 BE was born in Woolwich, which at that time was a primarily white suburb of Greater London; she was the fourth among the eight children of a racially mixed marriage. Bibliographic Citation link.
2 June 1997 BE published with Angela Royal a verse novel: Lara draws on the history of her own family as well as her growing up. Bibliographic Citation link.
10 October 2009 BE published with Bloodaxe Books an expanded version of her verse novel Lara, which she had revised to be longer by a third. Bibliographic Citation link.
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