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May Drummond acquired huge fame (both celebration and opprobrium) as a Quaker minister and preacher beginning in the 1730s. She published only one identified slim volume of exhortatory letters and a pamphlet.
1709-10 MD was born in Edinburgh, the third and last surviving child of parents who must have been relatively elderly; her father may even have died before she was born. Bibliographic Citation link.
28 January 1733 MD penned the epistle to an unknown recipient which she later placed first in her collected volume, Internal Revelation the Source of Saving Knowledge. Bibliographic Citation link.
After May 1736 MD published, with her name, a handful of religious letters under the title of Internal Revelation the Source of Saving Knowledge: Candidly recommended in several Epistles, whose first edition was produced at Reading and sold in London; another appeared at Bristol. Bibliographic Citation link.
After 11 July 1766 Disowned by the Society of Friends in both Edinburgh and London, MD issued a self-defensive broadsheet: To the Meeting Assembled in the Chamber at Gracechurch-Street, which appears to be her final publication. Bibliographic Citation link.
Probably late February 1777 MD died in Edinburgh; the death was reported as 'last week' on 5 March. Bibliographic Citation link.
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