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Harriet Downing is remarkable both as a late Romantic poet (whose first publication makes a strong claim for women's capacity for friendship, equal to that of men) and as an early Victorian writer of short magazine fiction. She worked on a novel which she did not publish.
Shortly before 12 August 1778 Harriet Bourne (later HD) was born in London; she was baptised on this day at All Hallows Church in Tottenham, which is now a part of the capital. Bibliographic Citation link.
1816 HD issued by subscription her first volume: Mary; or, Female Friendship: A Poem in Twelve Books, with her full name, printed for the author. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1836 Fraser's Magazine began the anonymous serial publication of HD's "Remembrances of a Monthly Nurse", a woman who works as resident help in successive households where there is a new baby. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 March 1845 HD—"Mrs. Harriet Oliver (formerly Downing)"—died of apoplexy (that is a stroke) at Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire. The Gentleman's Magazine notice of her death mentioned her Remembrances of a Monthly Nurse and other writings. Bibliographic Citation link.
1852 HD's Remembrances of a Monthly Nurse, which had first appeared in Fraser's Magazine in 1836, were posthumously published in book form. Bibliographic Citation link.
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