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Lady Gertrude Georgina Douglas (later Stock) wrote during the later nineteenth century under the name of George Douglas. She used the novel both as a means of earning money and as a vehicle for expressing her Catholic and conservative (anti-women's-rights) position, with greater nuance in some works than others. She has the power of rendering social settings richly and convincingly: the slums inhabited by destitute workers, the prosperous artisans of the London suburbs and farmers of the English countryside, the 'backward' glens of Scotland where various classes stand on a footing of equality. One of her six novels is autobiographical, incorporating a nostalgic picture of the the lost happiness of her childhood. She also published short stories. Her work deserves more interest than it has received.
21 August 1842 Lady Gertrude Douglas (who later wrote as GD) was born. She was the eldest in a family that eventually amounted to six children. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 3 October 1874 George Douglas published her first book, Brown as a Berry: A Novel, under the pseudonym which she was to use during the earlier stage of her writing career. Bibliographic Citation link.
Early 1892 George Douglas issued, under her legal name of 'Lady Gertrude Stock', her final novel, with the title A Wasted Life and Marr'd. Bibliographic Citation link.
25 November 1893 Lady Gertrude Stock (the writer GD) died of consumption or lung disease in the hospital of St Joseph's Convent at Hendon. She was only fifty-one. Bibliographic Citation link.
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