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The known tracts and prophecies of Lady Eleanor Douglas (formerly Davies), published during the long political crisis of the mid seventeenth century, numbered at last count 69 extant texts and 77 including those which have apparently not survived, though they have left traces. Bibliographic Citation link. They are vehement, opinionated, and hard to read, for Douglas's handling of words and syntax takes little account of rules or norms. Her theological and political beliefs are idiosyncratic and her imagery, steeped in that of bible prophecy, is sometimes impenetrable.
1590 Lady Eleanor Touchet (later Davies, later Douglas) was born, the fifth and youngest daughter in her family; she later acquired two younger brothers. Bibliographic Citation link.
August 1625 Lady Eleanor Davies (later LED) printed her first tract: an account of her vision, a commentary on those of the prophet Daniel, and a prophecy: A Warning to the Dragon and all his Angels. Bibliographic Citation link.
June 1652 LED wrote and published her last surviving tract or prophecy, Bethlehem Signifying the House of Bread: or War. Bibliographic Citation link.
5 July 1652 LED died in London. Bibliographic Citation link.
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