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As an elderly woman in the late seventeenth century, Anne Docwra published at least seven polemical tracts, most of them defending the Quakers. Her work shows her to have been a leader of local public opinion, well schooled in points of law and politics, committed to a search for abstract truth, yet constantly enmeshed in personal animosities.
By April 1624 Anne Waldegrave (later AD) was born at Bures in Suffolk. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 March 1682 AD signed, dated, and published, all at Cambridge, her first known polemical tract: A Looking-Glass for . . . the Town and County of Cambridge, in prose and verse. Bibliographic Citation link.
1700 AD responded to Bugg's attacks with The Second Part of an Apostate-Conscience Exposed, whose title-page proclaims it as an answer to his scurrilous "Jezebel Withstood". Bibliographic Citation link.
14 September 1710 AD died at Cambridge, well into her eighties. Bibliographic Citation link.
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