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Sarah Dixon, who began writing poems by 1703, seems from the late appearance of her poetry volume as if she belonged to a later generation than she did. The book is notable for her writing in the genres of pastoral and satire. Her poetic talent is greater than her single, obscure volume would suggest.
28 September 1671 SD was baptised in Rochester, Kent, the eldest of a family of three. Bibliographic Citation link.
1703 Internal textual evidence shows that many of SD's published poems were written around this time, though the first date she puts in print is 1716. Bibliographic Citation link.
23 April 1765 SD died at Hackington, a suburb of Canterbury, aged ninety-three. Bibliographic Citation link.
6 July 1774 "The Ruins of St Austin's, Canterbury", which SD wrote at seventy-three, was posthumously published in the Kentish Gazette. Bibliographic Citation link.
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