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Monica Dickens was a popular memoirist, novelist, journalist, and writer for children who was active from just before the Second World War until late in the twentieth century. Her fiction is usually closely bound up with reportage of the actual world, structured around localities, or social problems, or people whose lives are either representative or exceptional.
10 May 1915 MD was born at 52 Chepstow Villas, Bayswater, London, the youngest of three children. Bibliographic Citation link.
1939 MD published her first book, One Pair of Hands, a personal memoir about her two years working as a cook-general (that is, a domestic servant who cooks, cleans, etc.) in a succession of twenty different households. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 1942 MD published One Pair of Feet, about her experience of working as a trainee hospital nurse. Bibliographic Citation link.
25 December 1992 MD died of bowel cancer, in her late seventies, in hospital at Reading in Berkshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
1993 MD's last novel, One of the Family, appeared posthumously: in it the humdrum, satisfactory life of one male character is transformed by another, first with excitement, then disaster. Bibliographic Citation link.
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