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Mary Deverell is a remarkably interesting and talented miscellaneous writer of lower-class background and strong feminist views. Her essays and short poems (published in the later eighteenth century) are delightful, her longer narrative poem and tragic drama somewhat less skilled. She seems to have met with success in gathering contacts and subscribers, but without becoming truly known or successful.
4 February 1731 MD was born, according to the parish records, near Minchinhampton in Gloucestershire, into a large family. Bibliographic Citation link.
28 January 1774 MD dated the "Apology" to her Sermons on the Following Subjects, published at Bristol, by subscription and without a date. Bibliographic Citation link.
1776 The second, revised, edition of MD's Sermons was published at London with a better subscription list than before. Bibliographic Citation link.
1792 MD published through Stockdale her last known work, Mary Queen of Scots, An Historical Tragedy, or, Dramatic Poem. Bibliographic Citation link.
Early September 1805 MD died at Nailsworth in Gloucestershire. Bibliographic Citation link.
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