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Anita Desai, an Indian writer of partly European descent who has lived in both England and the USA (where she is now settled), focuses her psychologically-oriented novels on the predicaments of women, immigrants and displaced individuals of both sexes, and declining urban populations. Her sensitive and poetic prose engages with the social and political consequences of independence and imperialism in 'de-colonized' India. Anita Desai has also issued short stories, children's books, and a screenplay. Bibliographic Citation link. She believes, like Virginia Woolf, that "the great mind is androgynous . . . undivided and therefore fully, wholly creative and powerful." Bibliographic Citation link. Indian critics have seen her as leading a new feminist tendency in Indian writing in English.
24 June 1937 Anita Mazumdar (later AD) was born at Mussoorie, a hill station north of Delhi, India, the youngest in a family of four. Bibliographic Citation link.
June 1999 AD published Fasting, Feasting, her third novel to be shortlisted for the Booker Prize, an indictment of family life both in India and the USA. Bibliographic Citation link.
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