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Teresa Deevy was an Irish playwright of the earlier twentieth century, who also wrote stories, radio plays, and a children's book. A select bibliography lists fourteen stage plays (in three acts or one), and nine radio plays or playlets. Bibliographic Citation link. Her hitherto very successful theatre career seems to have foundered on the fact that her message about domestic oppression of women in rural Ireland was unacceptable to the Dublin public, or rather the Dublin elite.
21 January 1894 TD was born in Waterford, at her parents' house in Passage Road, the youngest in a family of thirteen children. Bibliographic Citation link.
16 March 1936 TD had her great success with the play "Katie Roche", which after its debut at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, was in 1938 seen both at the Abbey's festival (alongside work by O'Casey and Shaw) and on its tour of England and the USA. Bibliographic Citation link.
19 January 1963 TD died at Maypark Nursing Home in Waterford. Bibliographic Citation link.
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