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Charlotte Dacre (who began publishing verse in 1798 and novels in 1805) seems, like her sister Sophia King, to reflect in poetry (including early graveyard poems) and fiction the painful, sensational family experiences of her youth.
Perhaps 1771 or 1772 CD was born at about this date, probably in London, one of three legitimate siblings and three (at least) half-brothers born outside marriage. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
May 1806 CD published her second novel, Zofloya; or, The Moor: A Romance of the Fifteenth Century, in three volumes. Bibliographic Citation link.
1810 CD's Zofloya was pirated in a chapbook entitled The Daemon of Venice, by Thomas Tegg, a highly successful publisher in this style. Bibliographic Citation link.
1812 CD's Zofloya was translated into French by Madame de Viterne as Zofloya; ou, Le Maure. Bibliographic Citation link.
1822 CD returned to poetry, publishing George IV, A Poem . . . To which are added, lyrics, designed for various melodies. Bibliographic Citation link.
7 November 1825 CD died in Lancaster Place, London, after a "long and painful illness." Bibliographic Citation link.
1997 Two new editions of Zofloya appeared in the same year, from Oxford University Press (World's Classics series) and Broadview Press. Bibliographic Citation link.
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