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Hannah Cullwick wrote seventeen diaries between the years 1854 and 1873, plus numerous letters chronicling in detail her life as a lower servant, as well as her long cross-class courtship and eventual marriage to Arthur Munby. Whether one views her as exceptional or as typical of the one third of women between the ages of fifteen and twenty who were in service at this historical place and time, her writing offers a rare glimpse into the harsh material conditions of maids of all work, as well as the complex cultural intersections of class, gender, race, sexuality, labour, and the body as represented by a working-class woman in later Victorian England. Bibliographic Citation link.
26 May 1833 HC was born at Shifnal in Shropshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
December 1854 HC wrote her first diary while visiting with her aunt; she produced seventeen in all before ceasing in 1873. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 September 1873 HC completed her last diary. Bibliographic Citation link.
9 July 1909 HC died of heart failure and 'senile decay' at Shifnal in Shropshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 April 1984 Eight of HC's diaries were published, edited by Liz Stanley. Bibliographic Citation link.
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