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Louisa Stuart Costello wrote during the first half of the nineteenth century, producing five travel narratives, several volumes of poetry (both original and translated), numerous historical biographies, and more than twenty-five articles for a variety of noted periodicals. She wrote articles and reviews for the Athenæum but was best known for her travel writings and historical writings on France. Louisa Stuart Costello was able to support herself and her family with earnings drawn from her writings.
1799 LSC was born, either in Ireland or in Sussex, the elder of two children. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1815 LSC, still in her teens and living in Paris after her father's death, published her first volume of poetry, The Maid of the Cyprus Isle, and Other Poems. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 22 May 1841 LSC published a historical novel, The Queen's Poisoner; or, France in the Sixteenth Century: A Romance. Bibliographic Citation link.
17 May 1856 LSC published her final poem, The Lay of the Stork, which mingles fantasy with the serious topic of the Crimean War. Bibliographic Citation link.
24 April 1870 LSC died of mouth cancer at Boulogne in Northern France. Bibliographic Citation link.
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