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Caroline Frances Cornwallis was a prolific writer and scholar. Her anonymous, collaborative twenty-volume series Small Books on Great Subjects popularized scientific and technical knowledge, and addressed social concerns. The most common theme in her writing was that of proper Christian practices framed by a logical, philosophical context. Bibliographic Citation link. She is most remembered for her two articles published in The Westminster Review on "The Property of Married Women" and "Capabilities and Disabilities of Women". Both demonstrate her use of research and rhetoric to advocate for women's rights. She was passionate about educational reform for women and for the poor. She published a single novel, the historical Pericles; she also translated from several languages into English poems that remained unpublished until after her death. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 July 1786 CFC was born at Wittersham in Kent. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1856 CFC's article "The Property of Married Women" appeared under her initials in The Westminster Review; it was the first of her two influential pieces on the inequities suffered by women. Bibliographic Citation link.
September 1857 The last article by CFC was "Naval Education" in Fraser's Magazine, presumably a follow-up to her "Naval School on Board the Illustrious", which appeared in the same journal in April 1855. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 January 1858 Having been chronically ill for most of her life, CFC died at her home at Lidwells, near Goudhurst in Kent. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
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