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Maria Susanna Cooper began as a writer of children's books which have not been identified. Between 1762 and 1775 she published four epistolary novels of a didactic and conservative cast (or five, if a radical revision is regarded as a separate text). Three of these, including the revision, make a triptych dealing with the roles of daughters, wives, and mothers. To these she added a published narrative poem, and her son posthumously issued another novel and a volume of tales (at least some reprinted from magazines).
20 August 1737 Maria Susanna Bransby (later Cooper) was born at Shotesham in Norfolk (close to Norwich), the eldest daughter in her family. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 October 1762 MSC wrote to publisher James Dodsley about the anonymous appearance of her first book, the novel Letters Between Emilia and Harriet. Her letter is now lost, as is one written this year by her husband about her work. Bibliographic Citation link.
By April 1775 MSC, by now the author of three published novels, recast her earliest one, Letters Between Emilia and Harriet, under the title of The Daughter, in order to point up its relationship to her intervening didactic works about the ideal wife and the ideal mother. Bibliographic Citation link.
3 July 1807 MSC died at the house of Robert Bransby Cooper, her eldest son, Furney Hill at Dursley in Gloucestershire. She left him the responsibility of organising new editions of her works. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 1813 Robert Bransby Cooper published another posthumous short novel or novella by his mother, MSC: The Wife, or Caroline Herbert, which he had revised in manuscript. Bibliographic Citation link.
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