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As a later twentieth-century novelist, Catherine Cookson broke records for popularity. On some tallies her number of novels passes one hundred, in addition to children's books and volumes of autobiography. Fiction and autobiography often overlap in her work: her plots and characters frequently draw on her own or her mother's experience of deprivation, illegitimacy, violence, rejection, and the struggle to survive financially and emotionally. When Catherine Cookson died she had completed 104 works, nine of them still unpublished. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 June 1906 Catherine McMullen (later CC) was born an illegitimate child in Leam Lane, South Shields, near Tyne Dock. Bibliographic Citation link.
April 1969 CC published her first work of acknowledged autobiography: Our Kate, titled from her mother, not herself. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 June 1998 CC died at ninety-one, after several years almost at death's door; her husband followed her within three weeks. Bibliographic Citation link.
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