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Frances Colenso spent most of her life (lived during the second half of the nineteenth century) in South Africa, and many of her writings reflect her disapproval of the British colonial governmental practices that she witnessed. Her two novels approach these issues from the angle of fiction, and she also produced in her two historical studies a notable account of Natal, its history, its people, and the political climate in which they lived.
30 May 1849 FC was born at Forncett St Mary in Norfolk. Bibliographic Citation link.
1873 FC published her novel Two Heroes, under the pseudonym 'Zandile'. Bibliographic Citation link.
1880 FC published My Chief and I; or, Six Months in Natal after the Langalibalele Outbreak under the pseudonym of 'Atherton Wylde', the ostensible autobiographical narrator. Bibliographic Citation link.
28 April 1887 FC died at Ventnor in the Isle of Wight, in her late thirties. The cause of death is variously attributed to tuberculosis or to a heart attack Bibliographic Citation link.
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