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Caroline Clive's writing, though largely obscure today, was celebrated during the mid-ninenteenth century. She published four novels and several collections of poetry, and contributed to a number of periodicals. As an initiator of the sensation novel, Caroline Clive arguably "revolutionized the aims and objects of fiction in the latter half of the nineteenth century." Bibliographic Citation link.
30 June 1801 Caroline Wigley (later Meysey-Wigley, later CC) was born at Brompton Grove in London, an address that no longer exists. Bibliographic Citation link.
1827 Caroline Meysey-Wigley (later CC), as 'Paul Ferrol', published Essays on the Human Intellect, as constructed by God, and on Our Saviour, considered in His Character of Man. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 August 1855 CC published her best-known work, Paul Ferroll, an early sensation novel about wife murder, under her pseudonymous initial 'V.' Bibliographic Citation link.
13 July 1873 At her home at Whitfield in Herefordshire, CC suffered severe burns as a result of a spark from a fire where she was sitting. She died the following morning. Bibliographic Citation link.
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