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Mary Cowden Clarke was a leading nineteenth-century Shakespearean scholar, who (in collaboration with her husband, Charles Cowden Clarke) annotated editions, compiled a concordance, and wrote a key or encyclopaedia, and on her own account produced an anthology, a book of tales, or what would now be called prequels, about the early lives of Shakespeare's female characters, and an edition that preceded the better-known one produced by her husband. She was a self-defined professional writer who translated works of musicology, edited a magazine and published poetry, articles, stories, novels, biographies, and her own autobiography.
22 June 1809 Mary Victoria Novello (later MCC) was born in the same house as her father before her: 240 Oxford Street (then Oxford 'Road'), London. Bibliographic Citation link.
1850-2 Mary Cowden Clarke published the work for which she is principally remembered, The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines; in a series of fifteen tales. Bibliographic Citation link.
1896 Mary Cowden Clarke published My Long Life, An Autobiographic Sketch, with illustrations including portraits. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 January 1898 MCC died at Villa Novello, Genoa. Bibliographic Citation link.
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