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Christine de Pisan wrote for a living (years before any woman did this in Britain). She is remarkable both as a sophisticated, polished, and versatile writer of poetry in French, and as a proto-feminist. Her works (more than a dozen of them) quickly reached print (still a rarity when she was writing), both in their original French and in English translations: their titles take varying forms.
1364 Christine de Pisan was born in Venice. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 1394 After a course of self-education, Christine de Pisan began writing verse. Bibliographic Citation link.
1405 Christine de Pisan wrote Le livre des trois vertus and finished writing Le livre de la cité des dames. Bibliographic Citation link.
31 July 1429 Christine de Pisan finished her Ditié de Jehanne d'Arc, a poem commemorating Joan of Arc's victory at Orléans that year, and the subsequent coronation of Charles VII. Bibliographic Citation link.
August 1429 Christine de Pisan was alive in this month (she wrote her last poem on 31 July); but she was not heard from again and the exact date of her death is unknown. Bibliographic Citation link.
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