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Caroline Chisholm devoted much of her life to helping British nineteenth-century emigrants (particularly women and working-class families) to travel to Australia, and her writing was primarily dedicated to this cause. She produced numerous tracts on emigration issues, collected autobiographical statements from settlers, and wrote editorials and delivered lectures on settlement issues, as well as composing one novella. These works, in conjunction with Caroline Chisholm's untiring activist efforts, contributed to her prominent status as a public figure.
30 May 1808 Caroline Jones (later CC) was born at Wootton, three miles from Northampton, the youngest of twelve children. Bibliographic Citation link.
1842 Caroline Chisholm published a pamphlet entitled Female Immigration Considered, in a Brief Account of the Sydney Immigrant's Home. Bibliographic Citation link.
1850 Caroline Chisholm published a pamphlet, The A. B. C. of Colonization. Bibliographic Citation link.
25 March 1877 At sixty-nine years of age, and after six years of bed rest, CC died at Fulham in London from the complications of kidney disease. Bibliographic Citation link.
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