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Lady Jane Cavendish wrote, in the middle years of the seventeenth century, nearly ninety poems (including occasional and political pieces, compliment, religious pieces and a country-house poem) and the better part of two plays: a pastoral or mock-pastoral drama and a comedy. Her sister Lady Elizabeth had some part, but a lesser one, in this output. Her writing was not published, but was apparently well known in manuscript form in her extended and discriminating social circle.
About 1621 Jane Cavendish (later Lady Jane) was born, the eldest child of aristocratic parents.  Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
After mid-June 1663 Lady Jane Cheyne, formerly Cavendish, composed an elegy, On the Death of my Dear Sister the Countess of Bridgewater, probably quite soon after the event. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 October 1669 Lady Jane Cheyne (formerly Cavendish) died, apparently of epileptic fits. She was not yet fifty. Bibliographic Citation link.
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