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Journalist and editor of the newspaper The Provincial Freeman in the northern US and Canada during the mid nineteenth century, Mary Ann Shadd Cary also wrote a short book advocating emigration to Canada for free blacks living in the United States and lectured on abolition, emigration, and women's suffrage.
9 October 1823 Mary Ann Shadd (who published her later writings as Cary) was born in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, the eldest of thirteen children.  Bibliographic Citation link.
23 March 1849 The career of Mary Ann Shadd (later Cary) in political writing began with the publication of a "Letter" she had written to Frederick Douglass in the current issue of his periodical, the North Star. Bibliographic Citation link.
1852 Mary A. Shadd issued A Plea for Emigration; or, Notes of Canada West, in its moral, social, and political aspect: with suggestions respecting Mexico, West Indies, and Vancouver's [sic] Island, for the information of colored emigrants. Bibliographic Citation link.
24 March 1853 Mary Ann Shadd (later Cary) founded and continued as editor-in-chief of The Provincial Freeman, a newspaper "published out of Canada West." Bibliographic Citation link. Shadd was the first female newspaper editor in Canada. Bibliographic Citation link.
5 June 1893 MASC died at her daughter's house in Washington, DC, possibly of stomach cancer. Bibliographic Citation link.
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