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Though Leonora Carrington is best known for her visual art, she produced ample fiction, plays, and life writing that engage with aesthetic and political movements of her time, particularly surrealism and feminism. Her writing (published between 1938 and the 1970s) frequently imbricates the mundane and fantastic. Several motifs run through her body of writing, including metamorphoses and the melding of human and animal worlds. Ara H. Merjian notes the coherence between her projects across media, which
consistently overlap in both content and style. Numerous other women associated with surrealism wrote extensively. But of all these, it is perhaps Carrington whose writing remained most consistently related to her painting in texture, tone and imagery. . . . From the prominence granted to women, plants and animals as subjects and protagonists, to the particular handling of detail and materiality, there is a constant ebb and flow between her written and painted Bibliographic Citation link.
6 April 1917 LC was born at Westwood House, her parents' home in the village of Clayton-Le-Woods, Lancashire. She was the second child of four and her parents' only daughter. Bibliographic Citation link.
1927 At the age of ten LC produced one of her first sketchbooks, "Animals of a Different Planit [sic]". This book contains annotated drawings of fantastic creatures and maps of imaginary places. Bibliographic Citation link.
1939 LC published her second volume of fiction, La Dame ovale, later translated as The Oval Lady. This collection of five short stories includes her best-known piece of writing, "The Debutante". Bibliographic Citation link.
25 May 2011 LC died from pneumonia at ninety-four years old, in hospital in Mexico City. Bibliographic Citation link.
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