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Dora Carrington is known predominantly for her personal relationships with writer Lytton Strachey and other members of the 'Bloomsbury Group', but she produced much striking work—visual and literary—herself. André Derain and Simon Bussy gave her portraits and landscapes contemporary praise; in his foreword to Noel Carrington's 1978 book on his sister's art, former Tate Gallery Director Sir John Rothenstein described Dora Carrington as "the most neglected serious painter of her time." Bibliographic Citation link.   Carrington (the name she chose to be known by) also wrote in range of genres (letters, diaries, short stories, poetry, and drama) throughout her life.
29 March 1893 DC was born at Ivy lodge, the Carrington home, at Hereford. Bibliographic Citation link.
1901 or 1902 DC wrote a poem at the age of nine about a beggar named 'Sin' which, according to her biographer Gretchen Gerzina, "revealed both her interest in what people were called, and . . . her own developing sense of guilt." Bibliographic Citation link.
1916 Carrington created her best known painting, a portrait of her beloved companion, "Lytton Strachey".
11 March 1932 Distraught by the recent death of her dearest companion, Lytton Strachey, DC made a second suicide attempt. This time she shot herself, and died. Bibliographic Citation link.
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