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Mary Carleton, who was active in London in the Restoration years, was at some level or other a confidence trickster or woman living on her wits. When she stood trial and became the subject of pamphlet controversy, she proved herself equal to joining in with several pieces of autobiographical and legalistic self-vindication, which show her possessed of skills very close to those of writers of fiction, travel writing, or romance.
11 January 1642 The Newgate Calendar categorically assigned MC's birth to this date and to Canterbury in Kent; she herself equivocated about the date and gave the place as a different cathedral city: Cologne in Germany. Bibliographic Citation link.
Perhaps July 1663 Among the flood of pamphlets addressing MC's identity and her marriage, The Case of Madam Mary Carleton appears to be her own work, though that has been doubted by some readers from the beginning. Bibliographic Citation link.
22 January 1673 MC was publicly hanged at Tyburn after conviction either for further crimes of theft or else for the crime of returning from transportation. Bibliographic Citation link.
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