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Jane Welsh Carlyle is well known for her prodigious letters, none of which were published during her lifetime. Bibliographic Citation link. Her witty epistles, which Thomas Carlyle praised for "pick[ing] up every diamond-spark, out of the common floor-dust," Bibliographic Citation link. are rooted in her domestic and social activities and as a collection provide a social history of nineteenth-century London. Bibliographic Citation link. Jane also wrote a personal journal, a few poems, short stories, and dialogues which have been posthumously published. With the rise of feminist and epistolary criticism, Jane Welsh Carlyle's work has been the subject of increased critical attention from the late twentieth century onwards.
14 July 1801 Jane Welsh (later JWC) was born at Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 1814 By the age of thirteen, Jane Welsh had written a novel, which does not survive and was never published. Bibliographic Citation link.
21 April 1866 JWC died suddenly during an afternoon drive in her coach in Hyde Park. Bibliographic Citation link.
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