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Rosa Nouchette Carey, writing in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, was the author of about forty very popular novels of domestic life, many of them aimed at girls and young people. Although quite conventional romances, her books tend to stress the value of meaningful work for women both within and beyond the home.
24 September 1840 RNC was born at Stratford-le-Bow (now in East London), the second-youngest both of the seven children who survived, and of the five girls in the family.  Bibliographic Citation link.
By 5 December 1868 Rosa Nouchette Carey's first novel, a family saga entitled Nellie's Memories: a Domestic Story, appeared under her own name: it was an instant success and sold more than 52,000 copies. Bibliographic Citation link.
19 July 1909 RNC died of lung cancer at her house, named Sandilands, in Keswick Road, Putney; the Times published an obituary notice the next day. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 16 September 1909 In the year of RNC's death appeared the novel The Key of the Unknown; the previous year she had published another, The Sunny Side of the Hill. Bibliographic Citation link.
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