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May Cannan was a war poet in and shortly after the First World War. In her (posthumously published) autobiography she performs, from a different viewpoint, something of the same function as Vera Brittain as the historian of a generation.
14 October 1893 MC was born, one of fragile twin girls, in St Giles's, Oxford, at (in her own words) "the end of the first day of the Michaelmas Term." Bibliographic Citation link.
By late November 1908 MC and her sisters, Dorothea and Joanna (who were still schoolgirls), jointly got together a collection of their favourite poems and had it published, with their initials, in London as The Tripled Crown. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 December 1973 MC died of a heart attack, in her sleep, at her home, St Margaret's Cottage, 15 The Moors at Pangbourne in Berkshire, after six years of widowhood. Bibliographic Citation link.
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