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Lady Colin Campbell was a journalist and editor from the mid-1870s until the turn of the twentieth century. Despite the notoriety resulting from being accused of adultery in a divorce case, she won success as a popular columnist and art critic. She published art reviews, weekly columns, conduct literature, drama, short stories, and a novel. A prototypical 'New Woman', she advocated her right to smoke tobacco, ride bicycles, and participate in outdoor sports.
3 May 1857 LCC was born Gertrude Elizabeth Blood at Brickhill in the parish of Kilfintinan, County Clare, Ireland. Bibliographic Citation link.
1875 Gertrude Elizabeth Blood (later LCC) was first published at the age of seventeen with the article "My Real Turkish Bath" in Cassell's Magazine, based on an experience she had on a trip to Cairo with her family. Bibliographic Citation link.
1901-1903 LCC was the editor of The Ladies' Field. Bibliographic Citation link.
1 November 1911 LCC died at her home at 67 Carlisle Mansions, Carlisle Place, in London, as a result of rheumatoid arthritis, which in turn may have resulted from syphilis contracted from her husband. Bibliographic Citation link.
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