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Ada Cambridge was a prolific and well-known author of fiction (more than twenty novels), poetry (three volumes), and autobiography (two volumes) in the final four decades of the nineteenth century and the first few years of the twentieth. Married for most of her writing career, she published under her birth name. Virtually all of her books appeared in London, and her more popular works also in the USA, even though her fiction was first serialized in her adopted homeland of Australia. She is remembered now as one of the earliest Australian women poets of note, for her achievements in fiction, and for her frank account of the trials of life in the colony.
21 November 1844 AC was born at Wiggenhall St Germans in Norfolk. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
Before October 9, 1890 AC published her second novel, A Marked Man: Some Episodes in his Life, which propelled her to financial success and critical acclaim both in Australia and abroad. It had been serialized two years before. Bibliographic Citation link.
1914 AC published her final novel, The Making of Rachel Rowe, in New York and London. Bibliographic Citation link.
19 July 1926 Ada Cross (who wrote and published as Ada Cambridge) died of heart failure at Seymour Road, Elsternwick, in Victoria, Australia, then just outside Melbourne. Bibliographic Citation link.
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