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Miss Byron, or Medora Gordon Byron, or Julia Maria Byron, whose identity is still a mystery, published either five or eight early-nineteenth-century novels with the Minerva Press, depending on whether or not they include those issued as by 'A Modern Antique'. Both strings of fiction are exclamatory in style, interested in domesticity, and latterly in the unmarried (both men and women), given sometimes to commentary on novel-writing. The later play and poem ascribed to someone of this name cannot be by the same person.
The date and place of birth of the novelist who published as 'Miss Byron' are unknown. From the dates of her books she would most likely have been born before the 1790s. Julia Maria Byron was born on 26 May 1782. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
By October 1808 The first publication by 'Miss Byron' appeared in five volumes from the Minerva Press: The English-Woman, A Novel. Not until a British Library (then the British Museum) catalogue of 1885 was the author's name given as MGB. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
There is no death date for 'Miss Byron', who could have died at any time after the appearance of her last solidly attributed work (late 1814) or more shakily attributed work (later 1816). Julia Maria Heath, formerly Byron, died on 16 September 1858. Bibliographic Citation link.
By June 1816 'A Modern Antique' (which has until recently been interpreted as a pseudonym for 'Miss Byron' or 'MGB') published The Spinster's Journal: doubly pseudonymous, since at the end she signs it as her narrator, 'Sibella Singleton'. Bibliographic Citation link.
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