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As a writer Dorothy Bussy is best known for Olivia, her immensely successful, anonymous or rather pseudonymous, autobiographical novel, published in 1949, about a young girl's development at a French boarding school in the later nineteenth century. She was also a translator, who spent many years rendering André Gide's writings into English, a journalist, and an art critic.
24 July 1865 Dorothy Strachey (later DB) was born, the third of the thirteen Strachey children. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1904 DB, who later became known for translating much of Gide's fiction, first reached print with her translation of Auguste Bréal's Velasquez. Bibliographic Citation link.
1949 DB published her autobiographical lesbian novel, Olivia, with the Hogarth Press. The work carries the pseudonymous ascription 'by Olivia'. Bibliographic Citation link.
1 May 1960 DB died "of old age" Bibliographic Citation link. at ninety-four. Her daughter Janie Bussy had died as the result of an accident only weeks before this, but Dorothy was senile, and so did not know of Janie's death. Bibliographic Citation link.
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