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Sarah Harriet Burney was an early nineteenth-century novelist and letter-writer (though she began to publish before the end of the eighteenth century). Her achievements in both these genres have been obscured by those of her sister Frances. She wrote from financial necessity—"I must scribble, or I cannot live" Bibliographic Citation link. —but her later works especially rank high for quality and interest.
29 August 1772 SHB was born, at the tail end of a large family of siblings and half-siblings from both her mother's and father's side. Bibliographic Citation link.
7 July 1796 SHB published, anonymously, her first book: Clarentine. A Novel. Bibliographic Citation link.
13 September 1839 SHB's The Romance of Private Life (paired short novels, "The Hermitage" and "The Renunciation") was published after irritating delay. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 February 1844 SHB died at Belgrave House, a Cheltenham boarding-house, "suddenly and without pain." Bibliographic Citation link.
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