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Selina Bunbury was a versatile author of both fiction and non-fiction, much of it set in her native Ireland although she later made her home in England. Her writings, published over six decades in the mid-nineteenth century, display a loving and respectful preoccupation with female characters and themes; none of them has been much valued by critics.Her oeuvre includes about ten travel narratives (some autobiographical, some fictionalized to varying degrees, covering many countries of Europe), about a dozen volumes of religious children's and young adults' fiction, dozens of stories in periodicals (usually anonymous, which makes their number difficult to estimate), two historical biographies, at least five fictional or semi-autobiographical early works set in Ireland, and a handful of other novels, short-story collections, and miscellaneous writings including Protestant polemic. Bibliographic Citation link.
1802 SB was apparently born at Kilsaran Rectory, near the village of Castlebellingham in Louth, Ireland. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1821 SB's first published work, A Visit to My Birthplace (one of a number of her early books to deal with Protestant society in Ireland) is said to have appeared this year, though only later editions are known. Bibliographic Citation link.
1843 Coombe Abbey: An Historical Tale of the Reign of James the First, a story about the kidnapping of the young Elizabeth of Bohemia that was planned to accompany the gunpowder plot of 1605, became SB's best known work. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 September 1882 SB died at Percy House in Cheltenham, the home of her nephew. She was buried in the cemetery there with a memorial erected over her grave. Bibliographic Citation link.
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