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In considering the paucity of credit given to Bryher for her patronage of the influential Contact Press, critic Jayne Marek describes her as an "'invisible' woman". Bibliographic Citation link. Bryher is even less recognized as a writer than a patron: most of her texts are now out of print and have received little critical attention. Her novels, poems, memoirs, and criticism, together spanning much of the twentieth century, form a significant contribution to the development of Anglo-American modernism, particularly through their French and Imagist influences, and their explorations of topics including women's education, gender mutability, psychoanalysis, and film technology.
2 September 1894 Bryher (Annie Winifred Ellerman) was born at Margate in Kent; she was her parents' elder child and only daughter. Bibliographic Citation link.
January 1914 Using her birth name, 'Annie Winnifred Ellerman', Bryher released her first published text, a collection of poems entitled Region of Lutany. Bibliographic Citation link.
July 1920 Development, Bryher's first and most controversial novel, was published under the name of 'W. Bryher'.  Bibliographic Citation link.
November 1972 Bryher's last published work, The Days of Mars: A Memoir, 1940-1946, was issued. Bibliographic Citation link.
28 January 1983 Bryher died in Vaud, Switzerland, at the age of ninety. Bibliographic Citation link.
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