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Margaret Bryan was a leading educator and populariser of science: a schoolteacher who published three standard scientific textbooks during the early nineteenth century and the final years of the eighteenth. She also created or advised on a board game designed to teach science.
It is not known when or where the future MB was born, but it must have been some time before about 1760.
After August 1797 MB published her first book, A Compendious System of Astronomy, dedicated to the pupils at her school. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
April 1798 MB defended herself in the Critical Review against what she felt to be damaging criticism in that journal of her A Compendious System of Astronomy. Bibliographic Citation link.
1815 MB published the last of her three books, A Comprehensive Astronomical and Geographical Class Book for the use of Schools and Private Families. Bibliographic Citation link.
MB must have died after her move in 1816; Bibliographic Citation link. it is not known exactly when or where.
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