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Ann Bridge was a twentieth-century novelist who began by exploiting the milieu of the British Foreign Office community in Peking in China, where she lived for two years with her diplomat husband. Her novels combine courtship plots with vividly-realised settings and demure social satire. She went on to write novels which take as the background of their protagonists' emotional lives a serious investigation of modern historical developments (such as the leap by which Turkey progressed from a feudal-style government to become a modern republic in which women enjoyed equality of rights and equality of opportunity). Ann Bridge also wrote thrillers centred on a female amateur detective, travel books, and family memoirs.
11 September 1889 Mary Dolling Sanders (who later wrote as AB) was born at Porters near Shenley in Hertfordshire, the seventh child of a seventh child (a fact in which she took some pleasure). Bibliographic Citation link.
Early September 1911 AB wrote that she penned her first story, "Pepita's Miracle", on the Isle of Mull off the coast of Scotland immediately after hearing of her family's financial destitution Bibliographic Citation link.
1973 Ann Bridge published her final Julia Probyn spy novel, Julia in Ireland, in the USA after her usual British publisher, Chatto and Windus, had turned it down.
9 March 1974 Ann Bridge (Mary Anne O'Malley) died at the age of seventy-five of bronchial pneumonia, at her home in Oxford. Bibliographic Citation link.
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