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Angela Brazil began writing children's plays about fairies, and progressed, during the first half of the twentieth century, through one bildungsroman for girls based on her own childhood and another on the experience of her mother, to a series of almost fifty book-length school stories for girls, besides stories and essays for magazines, and an autobiography. The predictability of formula fiction creeps gradually into her writing. Heroines indulge in "mad escapades" Bibliographic Citation link. but entertain intense loyalty to friends, school, and country; they triumph in the end after wrestling with difficulty and sometimes persecution; they enter into hero-worshipping emotional involvement with each other or with teachers. Brazil's naive, enthusiastic, cliché-ridden style, studded with schoolgirl slang, carries readers along with compelling narrative energy.
30 November 1869 AB was born at 1 Westcliffe Terrace, Preston, Lancashire; it was St Andrew's Day, which fitted nicely with her later self-identification as Celtic. Bibliographic Citation link.
1910 AB hit her stride this year, publishing many contributions to magazines as well as several books, including The Nicest Girl in the School, which proved her most popular text: it sold 153,000 copies. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
August 1946 AB published her final novel, The School on the Loch, for which she had gathered information in Scotland the previous summer. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 March 1947 AB died during the night, after a cheerful supper with her brother and sister, at home in Coventry. Bibliographic Citation link.
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