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Anna Brassey's writing arose out of her husband's professional travels, and began as private letters to her father covering intimate details of her family life at sea. On publication it made her a celebrated travel writer during the later nineteenth century. Besides shorter separate works she produced half a dozen substantial books, many of which went through a series of editions, and was also a contributor to several periodicals. Her observations reflect rather narrowly the prejudices of her race, class, and nation, and provide insight into Victorian Britain's empire and imperial attitudes, in addition to giving a domestic perspective on ocean-going travel in this period.
7 October 1839 Anna Allnutt (later AB) was born. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 6 April 1878 AB's A Voyage in the "Sunbeam": Our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months was published in the form of a diary, with a preface by her husband Thomas, and almost two hundred illustrations. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 September 1887 After suffering from malarial fever, AB died at sea en route for Mauritius, leaving her later journals and a draft of her final literary work. Bibliographic Citation link.
1889 Two years after AB's death, her final and uncompleted work, The Last Voyage, was published, with a brief memoir by her husband, and extensive editing and an introduction by her friend Mary Anne, Lady Broome (formerly Barker). Bibliographic Citation link.
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