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Lilian Bowes Lyon wrote poetry and a single novel during the earlier part of the twentieth century. Her poetry consisted of six volumes published in her lifetime (the last a Collected Poems) and a long-posthumous volume. Her work was informed even before the Second World War with a strong sense of social justice and injustice. This remained true of her writing during and immediately after the war years, during which her poetic voice, shaped under conditions of intense physical pain, became markedly more powerful and individual.
22 December 1895 LBL was born at Ridley Hall near Bardon Mill in Northumberland (a castellated Victorian mansion, now a conference centre), the youngest daughter in her family of seven children. Bibliographic Citation link.
Before October 1948 In the last year of her life LBL published her Collected Poems, with an introduction by Cecil Day-Lewis. Bibliographic Citation link.
25 July 1949 LBL died at her home in Brompton Square, London, aged fifty-three, after years of crippling arthritis. Bibliographic Citation link.
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