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Bathsheba Bowers, a colonial American Quaker, published just one of the many texts she says she wrote. This work, An Alarm Sounded, 1709, a spiritual autobiography in pamphlet form, is a narrative of inner conflict. It seems that the leaders of Bathsheba Bowers's religious community did not encourage her idiosyncratic writing.
Before June 1671 BB was born, probably at Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of a family of twelve. She was baptised in Cambridge on June 4th.  Bibliographic Citation link.
17 July 1709 BB signed her pamphlet An Alarm Sounded to prepare the Inhabitants of the World to meet the Lord in the way of his Judgements, which she published in New York (well away from her home town of Philadelphia). Bibliographic Citation link.
1718 BB died in South Carolina, where she had been based for about a dozen years. Bibliographic Citation link.
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