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Isa Blagden is the author of five fairly sentimental yet often outspokenly feminist novels, a small volume of poetry, and a number of essays and short stories—almost all of which were published in London during the 1860s. She lived primarily in Florence, and much of her work deals with Italian settings, characters, and politics. Her writing also frequently addresses the issues of women's occupations and independence, of female artistic genius, of mesmerism and spiritualism, and of moral as opposed to physical beauty.
30 June, either 1816 or 1817 IB was born, possibly as an illegitimate child. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
By March 1861 Isa Blagden published her first, and most successful, novel: Agnes Tremorne. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 March 1861 The Athenæum published a favourable review of IB's Agnes Tremorne, which considered it "the work of a true artist, who has found her vocation." Bibliographic Citation link.
20 January 1873 After a brief illness, IB died at her villa near Florence; she was buried in the English cemetery in Florence. Bibliographic Citation link.
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