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Malorie Blackman, British Children's Laureate for 2013-15, had by the end of that period published more than sixty books for ages ranging from little children to young-adult readers. Only a small selection of her oeuvre can be considered here. She is known for fast-paced, page-turning stories and in her books for teenagers a willingness to tackle uncomfortable themes like organ transplant, racism, even terrorism. She is a strong advocate for multicultural inclusiveness in the world portrayed in children's fiction. She is the first Black British writer to sell more than a million copies of her works. Bibliographic Citation link.   Some of her books have now been processed for classroom use with teaching aids or simplified versions.
8 February 1962 MB was born in Clapham, South London, two years after her parents had immigrated there from Barbados. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 January 2001 For the first time MB directly addressed the topic of racism, in a book for young adults entitled Noughts and Crosses, set in a society where the fair-skinned people (noughts, sometimes called by the 'terrible' derogatory name of 'blankers') are oppressed by the darker-skinned people (Crosses or colloquially 'daggers'). Bibliographic Citation link.
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