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Clementina Black wrote on a range of topics across many genres. Her work included six novels, journal articles, short stories, translations, plays, children's literature, and over seventy essays. She edited several journals which emerged from the late Victorian feminist movement, and wrote prolifically on the rights of the working classes and the need for trade unions. Bibliographic Citation link.   She also took pains to get the voices and stories of working-class women into print.
27 July 1853 CB was born in Brighton. Bibliographic Citation link.
July 1876 July 1876, CB's first published work, a short story titled "The Troubles of an Automaton", appeared in the New Quarterly Magazine.  Bibliographic Citation link.
6 June 1918 CB's final work, A New Way of Housekeeping, stressed the need to improve the conditions of working women and the implements used in domestic work. Bibliographic Citation link.
19 December 1922 CB died of cardiac failure at Barnes in Surrey. Bibliographic Citation link.
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